Shalom Bible College is a training institution, that purposes to serve the church in the accomplishment of its mission by preparing and supporting leaders and developing resources and facilitating theological reflections in future leaders. Pastor PM Philip was a man of God, that the Holy Spirit used mightily as God’s instrument in the establishment of Pentecostal work in Kottayam District and its surrounding areas. In 1956 Pastor P.M. Philip started Shalom Bible School in order to train Christ like servant leaders and pioneer evangelists for the cause of the gospel in India.

Pastor P.M. Philip, founder of Shalom Bible College, was a great evangelist and Bible teacher in India from his youthful days and his admirers and disciples were many. Many of them consider him as their mentor in their spiritual journey and their ministry. The primary method by which Pastor Philip was able to accomplish the mentoring process was through intensive Bible teaching ministry in his missionary journeys as well as through Pastorship of the local churches. From 1939, he went to North India each year on preaching missions and he had a great burden to send pioneering missionaries to unreached North Indian cities. A Bible school was the best method to fulfill this dream and vision according to his thinking. In answer to his prayer, in 1956 God enabled him to start a regular Bible School for training Evangelists and Pioneering Missionaries. In the initial years, it was feasible to have such Bible classes only for three to four months a year. In subsequent years the length of the courses and the duration of the courses were extended to two years. Those who completed the required courses were sent as pioneer workers to unreached areas after the training. Among its graduates many went to difficult areas and put in sacrificial services and gave leadership to Christian work and charitable service among the very needy and poor. God rewarded them very richly with good results and hundreds of souls were won for Christ. Many of the graduates turned out to be people of great vision and great courage. Pastor and Mrs. Philip along with their other colleagues in this ministry believed in sowing with tears in order to reap the harvest one day at God’s appointed time, bringing in the sheaves.